There's a quirky way to make some money off of the Facebook IPO without directly investing in the social media giant.

The website has launched a line of prop bets tied to the Facebook IPO and 28-year-old founder Mark Zuckerberg.

For instance, you can wager weather the hoodie-loving Zuckerberg will don a sweatshirt/hoodie when Facebook goes public Friday.

Zuckerberg is favored to wear his trademark hoodie, according to, which gives 1 to 3 odds of the Facebook founder being decked out in the garment.

Think Zuckerberg will go against his personal style and opt for clothes that are appropriate for a billionaire businessman?

Bovada says there's a 2 to 1 chance Zuckerberg will win a suit, meaning if you think he'll wear a suit Friday and he does, you'll double your original bet.

As far as Zuckerberg's romantic life, he's attached to medical student Priscilla Chan. But will it last?

Zuckerberg becomes an instant billionaire on Friday and it's no doubt he'll have his pick of the ladies.

But what kind of woman will Zuckerberg get in a relationship with?

Odds are it'll be a Facebook employee, according to The site says there's a 3 to 2 chance Zuckerberg admits to being in a relationship with someone who works for the giant social network.

Zuckerberg having an actress girlfriend is the second-likeliest scenario, with odds of 2 to 1. That's followed by a musician at 3 to 1.

Can you picture Zuckerberg in a relationship with a female athlete? Apparently, thinks the chance of that happening is a relative longshot at 5 to 1 odds.

While many investors will be clamoring over obtaining Facebook stock on Friday, there's a way to get in on the action without actually investing in the stock market or the Facebook IPO. has odds on both the closing trade price of Facebook stock on Friday as well as the closing price by the end of the year.

The sportsbook website thinks Facebook stock will be moving sharply on the first day of trading, giving 1 to 2 odds of Facebook's closing price being outside 10 percent of the stock's opening price.

The website gives 3 to 2 odds that the stock will close within 10 percent of the opening price.

While bovada's odds hypothesize Facebook stock will be a sharp mover, it expects the stock to not change drastically from its opening price by the end of the year.

The website says there's a 1 to 2 chance of Facebook stock being under $10 higher by Dec. 31.

Think the stock will be $10 higher or more by the end of the year? Bovada is giving 3 to 2 odds of it happening.