The social network giant -- Facebook -- filed for its initial public offering (IPO) on Wednesday with a value that could reach $100 billion. Facebook seeks to raise $5 billion, far surpassing Google Inc.'s 2004 IPO of $1.67 billion, which would break the record for the largest U.S. Internet IPO.

Some are speculating that the final deal value of Facebook's IPO may actually soar even higher than the $5 billion expectation.

However, even if Facebook raises the $5 billion, that would not even crack the top ten largest US IPOs in history. Check out the following slideshow to find the 10 most successful IPOs ever in U.S stock market history (by deal size).

In filing for an IPO, a company offers shares to the public and brings in more capital. Going public provides a company with the prestige of moving up to the big leagues. Indeed, once Facebook shares start trading on the NYSE, it will suddenly become a peer with such blue-chip stalwarts as General Motors and AT&T.

* Source: Renaissance Capital

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