Facebook is continuing its revamp spree as the social networking site has now unveiled a redesigned News Feed, enabling users to filter the feed and chose from a slew of options under the Most Recent category.

Until now, the 'News Feed' on Facebook had two components: Top News and Most Recent. While Top News featured Facebook's algorithmic choice of the most interesting stories from the users' feed, Most Recent, as the name suggests, listed the latest developments on the Facebook friends circle.

Now, the Most Recent category has been redesigned to incorporate a drop-down menu, which will enable the users to chose from the options of Games, Status Updates, Links, Pages, and Photos. Once an option is chosen, the stories related to the selection will be displayed under Most Recent. So, if Status Updates is selected, then only updates on statuses of the friends and related posts will be displayed on the page.

However, Facebook has not written a post introducing the filtering feature on its official blog. As per media reports, the feature is not yet available to all, raising speculations that it is still in a testing phase. Nevertheless, the feature does come as a relief to users frustrated by tedious task of browsing through all the recent news posts to find relevant posts.

Facebook revamp campaign

Facebook, like any other internet offering, has continually focussed on innovation to keep users coming back. The site, interestingly, seem to be concentrating on enhancing the experience of the users.

It was barely three weeks ago that the site rolled out its new profile. The revamped profile page features a quick overview of basic information on the user (place, school, etc.), followed by a cluster of five pictures besides the profile picture on the left top corner. Featured Friends option allowed users to highlight important friends while it also enabled new ways to share interests and activities. The 'infite scroll' feature promised to make it faster to browse all photos. The revamped Facebook profile prompted mixed reaction.

Close on the heels of the launch of the redesigned profile, Facebook introduced a new photo tagging feature. The site said it has succeeded in adding a facial recognition feature to help users with the process of tagging photos with friends in it.

News Feed was added in September 2010, along with Mini-Feed. While the news feed appeared on the users' homepage, Mini-Feed appeared in each user's profile. While News Feed updated a personalized list of news stories on what's happening in the users' social circles, Mini-Feed centered around one person.

Introducing these features back then, Facebook had written on its blog, These features are not only different from anything we've had on Facebook before, but they're quite unlike anything you can find on the web. We hope these changes help you stay more up to date on your friends' lives.