Facebook's new Timeline feature is about to become permanent for everybody's profile, so you might as well take advantage and try a couple of the the ten best apps for Timeline. The Timeline is Facebook's new way of letting you tell the story of your life. Anyone checking out your profile can see all of the things you've done in your Facebook life, and even back to the day you were born. Of course, you don't have to fill in any information from before you joined Facebook, but many people will want to fill in the gaps with the things they think people should know about them.

Just last week, Facebook launched over 60 new apps to take advantage of the new layout. Most of them simply take an existing app and more fully integrate it into Facebook's Timeline. The apps are broken up into nine categories. There are entertainment, fitness, food, giving, music, news, shopping and fashion, travel and other sections for your favorite apps. Just remember when you sign up for an app, you have to authorize it to have access to your profile, so be sure to tidy up your privacy settings if you want to reign that in. Start the slideshow to see the ten bes new apps for Timeline. Tell us in the comments if you've tried the new look.

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