Designer Prashant Chandra has devised a radical concept Fujitsu Lifebook that combines a camera, smartphone and tablet into a sleek-looking, super-cool laptop. All the hardware combines to form the laptop with the tablet becoming a virtual keyboard when slipped into its slot in the laptop body. The components work separately as functional devices, but also support each other when put together in this amazing device.

Design house Yanko Design says it's a shared hardware concept based on the fact that many mobile devices are now repeating similar functions. Cloud storage is one way to deal with this kind of problem. In other words, it's not necessary to store music on your phone and your laptop in many cases.

In the proposed design, the camera detaches from the top of the laptop, and the smartphone pops out of the front edge like a giant SIM card. The tablet, as mentioned above, lives inside the device and acts as the laptop's keyboard when popped into position. When all the pieces are plugged in, they can communicate and share data and even hardware. Combine your devices' respective strengths to create a 'Lifebook' (insert one machine to rule them all joke here). Start the slideshow to see the Lifebook up close.

Tell us in the comments if you think this is cool idea or who would be the best company to pull off the idea.  

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