Nowadays, Facebook is likely your go-to resource for just about everything; From linking up with your friends, to obtaining news, to ordering new clothes. But now, you can serve your patriotic duty as an American via the social media giant's newest add-on: voter registration.

On Tuesday, the secretary of state's office said an application on its Facebook page allows users to register to vote, also encouraging friends to like the page so they can do the same. However the voter registration app is limited to Facebook users in Washington state and can launch as early as next week.

In this age of social media and more people going online for services, this is a natural way to introduce people to online registration and leverage the power of friends on Facebook to get more people registered, Shane Hamlin, co-director of elections, said in a statement on Facebook.

Currently, Washington is one of just over a dozen states that offer online registration. The online potion began in 2008 and has since seen 475,000 people of the 3.7 million registered voters register using the online tool.

Washington will now be the first to extend its online registration for voting to Facebook, an app called My Vote that Hamlin said Facebook and Microsoft have been developing since last fall. The best part? It's free, of course.

We are excited that citizens in Washington state will be able to register to vote and review useful voting information on Facebook, Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said Tuesday.

The process to register to vote via Facebook is simple. Users must allow Facebook to access their information, just like many other apps out there. After, the user's name and date of birth will be pre-filled in the voter registration form and must add their driver's license or state ID card number to the form.

Despite many concerns that Facebook will take users' personal information and use it elsewhere, Hamlin said users should sleep soundly knowing that they info will be safe and not accessibly by the social media giant.

You are giving your information to us, not Facebook, Hamlin told MSNBC. Once you start the process, you're no longer entering data on Facebook. Facebook is not collecting any of the data.

Washington state's Facebook voter registration app will be available next week, the secretary of state's office said.