Here's a way to find your 15 minutes of fame: Get a bunch of friends together, put on blue shirts, and pretend to be Apple store employees who recommend Microsoft products. Then put the video on YouTube, and watch the hits roll.

It might not sound brilliant, but it seems to have worked for a group of aspiring YouTube celebrities that calls itself NelkFilmz. The four guys entered what appears to be multiple Apple retail locations and offered to “help” customers. Only instead of offering any useful advice they recommended customers check out products from another store.

“The iPhone 6 Plus, truth be told, bad choice,” said one. “I've been working here for three years, I'd go to Microsoft.”

When their ruse was discovered each member loudly pretended to quit on the spot. Watch for yourself below:

The prank might be more amusing if Improv Everywhere, the New York City-based comedy collective, didn't already pull off something similar. In that case, way back in 2006, 80 volunteers of all ages adorned blue polo shirts and khaki pants and walked into Best Buy, where they looked almost identical to the staff. Improv Everywhere is the same group behind the no-pants subway ride, the mannequin mob, the subway spa and probably dozens of other feel-good viral hits.