One Oklahoma man has caused quite the scare with his choice of Halloween decorations.

Johnnie Mullins set up a fake crime scene on his driveway as part of his usual Halloween pranks, reports local Oklahoma station KWTV. The scene included two fake dead bodies -- one that appeared to have been run over by his truck and the other looks to have been the victim of an aggressive garage door. Though the married father of two told the station he is “just trying to scare people, that’s what I like to do,” many of his neighbors are less than thrilled with his ghoulish antics.  

"My heart about came out of my chest. I thought ‘Oh my God,'" Rebecca Fuentes to KWTV. "If I think it's real, just think of what a child would think?" And Fuentes isn’t the only person that has been fooled by the gruesome prank. The fake bodies led to a 911 call that resulted d in police and firefighters being dispatched to the “crime scene.” But after being informed that he didn’t break any laws with his grisly decorations, he is adamant that the bodies will stay in place He has even linked to articles about the controversy on his open Facebook account, drawing even more attention to his creations he's named “Dead Fred” and “Crushed Kenny.”


It is quite the colorful way to countdown to Hallows Eve. But with no laws being broken and his questionable art project continuing to generate a little buzz, it looks like the community’s residents will have to deal with their new neighbors Fred and Kenny just a few more weeks.