A family of four that was buried in rubble after a devastating 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Concepcion City in Chile survived after making their way out through the darkness.

Alex Tapia, a marine from Ecuador who lived with his wife and two children on the sixth floor of a building in Concepcion, described to the press onMonday how he found a way to save his family after his building collapsed.

It's indescribable. We just hugged our children and fell. I said, 'God, help us, Mr. Tapia said, according to Agence France Press.

After being buried in the rubble and left in complete darkness, Mr. Tapia's wife noticed a breeze.

Through there, Mr. Tapia's wife shouted as he followed the breeze and searched through the debris until he found an opening in a wall.

Later on I found an escape route, I saw that we could exit and I came back for my wife and my children. Mr. Tapia said.

His family survived with no injuries except for a black eye on Mr. Tapia.

 Saturday's earthquake and tsunamis have killed hundreds of people in Chile. As of Monday, the country's Office of Emergencies increased the death toll to 723 people and 19 unaccounted for.