Have you seen Rizzoli and Isles, the TNT series about a detective and medical examiner duo who bust Boston's most notorious criminals?

Well, today in the Twitterverse the TNT show posted a photo of Tess Gerritsen, the author behind the Jane Rizzoli series, standing in front of two Rizzoli and Isles billboards at a busy New York intersection -- as her latest Rizzoli novel, The Silent Girl, makes its debut.

And ... it's out today! Having an attack of nerves. Back-to-back national radio interviews this a.m. from 7 - noon, Gerritsen tweets.

Cory Doctorow has posted a pic of an early birthday present to myself -- a pair of super-funky purple New Haunted Mansion tennis shoes. See them for yourself.

Meantime John Green, whose new book The Fault in Our Stars just zoomed to #1 on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com even though it won't come out until next year, writes, My new video is about the importance of saving money when you're young. I know. SEXY TOPIC.

Up north, Margaret Atwood links to a discussion she is moderating on Wild Read on E.O. Wilson's book Anthill.

Yesterday, she merrily wrote, Happy 4th, US Twitterfolk! (Add fireworks display here!)

And Neil Gaiman? He tweets about the best news of the week, unless Earth is Saved from a Martian invasion on Friday: The @SFencyclopedia is coming back.

He's also had some dental work done.

I'm drinking cold tea through a straw waiting for Novocaine to wear off. Then to the bottom of the garden to write as I can't talk or eat, he says.

Seen a particularly quirky or awesome tweet by a famous author that you want to add? Do so below.

Edward B. Colby is the Books editor of the International Business Times. He can be reached at e.colby@ibtimes.com.