“Fargo” came to a close on Tuesday, wrapping up FX’s version of the classic 1996 Coen brothers film. But is the deadly story really over after one season? International Business Times spoke with series writer Noah Hawley at the 2014 ATX Television Festival, and he opened up about why Gus and Molly’s tale is over and the fate of a second season.

Fans were drawn into “Fargo” knowing that the show was created as a miniseries, but as the dark dramedy deepened, so did the interest in the wild tale of the poor town of Bemidji, Minnesota.

“I was nervous,” Hawley said of adapting the film for FX. “When they said they wanted to do it and wondered if it could be done without Marge, that was really intriguing to me. Because then you’re not trying to duplicate or copy something. Then the question is, can you write something that makes people feel the same way they feel when they watch the movie. And that was a really great challenge because it was saying we want you to do what you do, here are the parameters to do it in.”

Hawley and the rest of the cast and crew managed to pull it off, and the miniseries became such a hit with viewers that many have been demanding a second season. But that’s not something the writer is interested in.

“There’s always a gravitational pull, especially when things are working,” Hawley told IBT of extending the show past its limited run. “But for me because of the way the movie ends – because she goes to bed and you know that was the worst case she ever saw, and tomorrow’s going to be a normal day – I felt like we would be letting the movie down by saying, ‘tune in next season for the wacky continuing adventures of Molly and Gus.’ It says at the beginning of every episode, ‘This is a true story.’ And it just would not feel true to have: ‘Well that was a crazy case, but look what happened to her next.’”

That doesn’t mean that “Fargo” is completely over, though. According to Noah Hawley, viewers could have a second season ahead of them.

“I think the conversations are about: ‘Is there another story we can tell from this universe that is as good or better,” the series writer explained about moving forward.

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