It seems that many fashionistas are turning to vintage stores these days to copy the latest trends.  Each season, fashion has been influenced by past decades such as the flapper 1920's and psychedelic late 1960's.  Lately it has been very expensive to remain fashion forward, especially in the case of buying designer brands.

Vintage stores feature clothing from every decade except present day and they are low priced.  Vintage Thrift stores or used clothing stores are not permitted to sell pre-owned or used hosiery and intimate apparel.  Hence, if you see lingerie or a cute pair of tights, relax they have not been used. Everything else has been washed sqeaky clean.

With the help of vintage stores such as 1 of a Find NYC , Eponymy and Hooti Couture, shoppers can acquire designer brands without paying the designer price or even the discount TJ Maxx price.  Vintage stores will fill up your closet with Chanel jackets and Gucci handbags along with Miu Miu platforms and vintage Givenchy boots.  The vintage trend is taking over the fashion industry - in magazines, on websites, photo shoots and fashion blogs.  Going vintage helps fashion savvy shoppers keep up with the trends without burning a hole in their wallet.

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