Corduroy is a soft, durable fabric that can keep you warm and has popular among people for almost two centuries.

Corduroy is making a comeback and will be loved by fashionista in 2011 winter. Corduroy can give different style by size of wale.


# Corduroy jacket gives a tidy and classical image



Gucci hacking jacket, Victoria's Secret washed corduroy Blazer(from left to right)





# Corduroy pants has good thermal properties, it's great for winter


Victoria's Secret washed Low Five Flap-pocket Corduroy pants, Victoria's Secret Hipster Pant in Stretch Corduroy(left to right)

# Warm Corduroy shirts


Polo Ralph Lauren Classic-Fit Corduroy Western Shirt

# Corduroy accessories


CushCase Corduroy Sleeve for Apple MacBook Air and corduroy hats