An unidentified father has sparked quite the controversy with the workout routine he created for his young son.

The video shows the father making his son run alongside a car for what he says is "football training." During the video, he yells profanities at his son and encourages him to run faster, reports the New York Daily News.

The very small boy attempts to keep pace with the truck but is unable to successfully maintain equal speed with the vehicle as he runs in a pair of Crocs.

"We're going eight miles per hour. Come on. Pick that s--t up," the unidentified father yells at the boy. When he finally reaches their endpoint, the boy stops and mentions that his hip hurts. "I don't want to hear about no excuses," the father replied to the boy's concerns. The young boy then begins to run again as the truck continues to follow him.

The Daily News currently has no additional information on the father in the video. But people are outraged at the extreme form of exercise.