An angry North Carolina dad retaliated against his 15-year-old daughter Hannah in a most spectacular fashion, after the teenager posted a letter on Facebook complaining about doing chores. To make sure she never did anything like it again, Hannah's father filmed himself putting nine bullets in his daughter's laptop and posted the video to her Facebook page.

Tommy Jordan, who works in IT, found the offending letter on Hannah's laptop when he was installing a software upgrade, despite the fact that she had implemented privacy settings she believed would prevent her parents from seeing the letter addressed to her parents - which was full of grievances about the amount and type of chores she was expected to do, her expectations that she should be paid for them.

Mr. Jordan set a camera up in front of a chair on the lawn where he sat before a camera and read Hannah's letter, which was a whiny but largely innocuous missive complaining about having to clean up after her parents. In the seven-minute video, Mr. Jordan indicates the she had done something similar in the past and had been grounded for it. He reportedly warned her that punishment for a repeated offense would be much more severe - apparently he wasn't kidding.

This is for my daughter, Hanna, and more importantly for her friends on Facebook who thought her little rebellious post was cute, Jordan said between puffs on a cigarette. And for all your parents out there that think your... kids don't post bad things on Facebook. Well, I want to read you one I took off my daughter's Facebook wall.

Jordan then read the letter out loud, and then broke it down point-by-point, arguing that Hannah exaggerated the amount and nature of her chores and repeatedly making reference to the fact the she had not found a job. When he was her age, Mr. Jordan claims to have gone to college while in high school in addition to holding down a job.

You don't have that hard a life. But you're about to, Mr. Jordan said.

Kid, you got it easy, he continued. Way easy. It's about to get harder. It's about to get a whole lot harder today.

Mr. Jordan then got up from his chair and pointed the camera -- and his gun -- at his daughter's laptop lying in the grass.

That right there is your laptop. This right here is my .45, Jordan said, before firing nine rounds into the laptop. In between shots, Jordan reminded his daughter that she would have to pay him back for the bullets in addition to the $130 he spent on the recent software upgrade. Hope you enjoyed your little fiasco on Facebook, Jordan said in conclusion. Hope it was worth all this. Have a good day,y'all.

The video, titled Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen has almost 1.5 million views since it was uploaded on Feb. 8.