The FBI claims to have a "credible" lead in the mysterious case of a 1971 hijacking of a passenger airliner by a man known as "D.B. Cooper."
A Northwest Orient Airlines 727 flight was hijacked after takeoff from Portland, Ore., on Nov. 24, 1971. 

The hijacker claimed to have a bomb and ransomed the passengers for $200,000 and parachutes in Seattle. D.B. Cooper escaped justice with a daring parachute escape over the Pacific Northwest that has left investigators puzzled as to his whereabouts for 40 years.

The FBI told the Seattle Times that a tip provided by a law enforcement agency directed their investigation to a person of interest with possibly helpful information regarding the hijacking. Forensic evidence provided by an unknown informant is being processed in Quantico, Va.
The bureau said the new information was "promising," but that they still weren't near solving the case.

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