Although “Fear the Walking Dead” isn’t airing new episodes for quite a while, the story is far from over as the companion web series “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462” is in full swing throughout commercial breaks of “The Walking Dead” Season 6. However, if you’re the type that likes to mute the TV and discuss what you just saw with your friends during commercials, the official AMC app has you covered.

The fourth clip in the 16-part series will air during the broadcast of this week’s “The Walking Dead” and will be uploaded to the regular AMC site for repeat viewing soon after. However, the latest episode of the online web series “Flight 462” was, once again, uploaded three days early for those that downloaded the network’s mobile app for iOS, Android or Windows smartphones.

In it, the passengers aboard the TruWest flight get a little bit less polite as one man’s illness threatens to infect the confused gaggle of travelers. The man that had an intense coughing fit in Part 2 of the web series takes a turn for the worse, leaping up out of his seat to vomit in the airplane bathroom. His wife insists that it’s just reflux taking a toll on her husband and that no one should worry about him. Not buying the flimsy excuse, the mysterious and unusually curt woman that was staring at the unidentified young boy in the first three parts of the series finally gets vocal.

“How long has your husband been sick?” she asks the man’s wife.

“I told you, he’s not sick, it’s reflux. His whole side of the family…”

“It doesn’t seem like indigestion,” the girl interrupts.

“Are you a doctor? Then mind your own G-- damn business.”

It’s heavily implied in the clip that both the young woman and the wife know more than they’re letting on. Perhaps the young lady’s stoic demeanor is a coping mechanism for her after seeing what’s really going on with this ominous “flu” that’s going around. She eyes the man’s empty seat as though she knows it may very well be inhabited by a monster sometime in the near future. Meanwhile, the wife can’t actually believe that reflux is causing her husband to look like death.

You can check out Part 4 of “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462” on the AMC app now. If you need to catch up on Parts 1-3, you can find them below.

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