AMC’s upcoming “Walking Dead” spinoff, “Fear the Walking Dead,” is rapidly approaching, and with it, new teasers are emerging. The latest comes from creator Robert Kirkman, who recently shared some photos and character details from the new show.

Fresh off the recent casting news of Sandrine Holt, Ruben Blades and Lorenzo James, Entertainment Weekly is sharing some exclusive images from the forthcoming series. The first, posted below, features the characters Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and her boyfriend Matt (Maestro Harrell).

Alicia is the daughter of Madison (Kim Dickens), who can be seen in the second photo from the release.

“Madison is a character whose husband died. And she’s been raising her kids on her own, so she’s a character that has experienced a very abrupt change to her life that she has had to adapt to,” Kirkman told EW. “So there’s an inherent strength in this single mother that makes her in some ways uniquely adapted to live in the zombie apocalypse.”

While Madison has her own problems to deal with, her children aren’t without their struggles. Alicia is reportedly the ideal daughter and student, poised to begin her successful career in college. Meanwhile, her brother Nick (Frank Dillane) is the opposite. He’s a college flunk out who got involved with some unsavory practices. He’s definitely described as the “problem child” in the series. While they’re bond as siblings keeps them together, circumstances make them closer to enemies than friends.

Finally, the third new photo shows another look at Travis (Cliff Curtis). As previously reported, Travis and Madison begin the series in a romance that fuses their families together just as the zombie apocalypse kicks off in their city of Los Angeles.  

Unfortunately for those that are excited about “The Walking Dead” spinoff, there’s no concrete release date for when AMC will debut its second zombie drama. However, Kirkman recently revealed that it will premiere sometime in August