As the Season 2 premiere of “Fear the Walking Dead” draws ever closer, fans are wondering what to expect from life at sea when the surviving families return. Ahead of the April 10 premiere, AMC has released a behind-the-scenes teaser video answering questions one may have about how they brought the luxury yacht Abigail to life.

The main thing to know about the new episodes is that they mark the first TV series to be filmed on the Baja Studios lot in Mexico. As shown in the video below, the studio consists of four massive water tanks of different depths and is seated on a cliff’s edge overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In other words, the minds behind “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2 aren’t messing around at all when it comes to authenticity.

Producer Gale Anne Hurd previously revealed that part of the reason the spinoff series is taking to the water in Season 2 is simply to quiet fans of the flagship series “The Walking Dead” who said they could easily outlast the zombie apocalypse on the water. However, as the episode’s official plot synopsis from AMC’s website notes, while the mainland may have threats from walkers that are overtaking Los Angeles, the ocean has a cavalcade of refugees out to survive any way they can. Overtaking a yacht as luxurious as Abigail is a great way to do that.

The video continues to show the intricacies in the design of the mysterious Victor Strand’s (Colman Domingo) yacht, which is nothing short of super. The video features a camera walk-through of the Abigail set, which is really half a boat that breaks down into three pieces. While it may look like a run-of-the-mill luxury ship, production designer Bernardo Trujillo reveals there’s actually a lot of Strand’s character built into it.

“It’s cold, architecturally clean, a little bit detached,” he says below. “I think that goes along really well with his character, Victor Strand.”

Strand was introduced in the penultimate episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 1. He was being held captive by the National Guard despite nothing really being wrong with him. He managed to get his hands on a key to his cell, presumably through bribery, and helped Nick (Frank Dillane) escape just before the military implemented its “Cobalt” strategy to kill everyone in their custody. From there, in the Season 1 finale, he took Nick and his extended family, which apparently includes Daniel (Rubén Blades) and Ofelia Salazar (Mercedes Mason), back to his gated mansion. After some drama involving Travis (Cliff Curtis) and his ex-wife, Strand shows Nick that Abigail is anchored in the distance on the water.

According to the video, although they may not start out on the yacht, that’s where a big bulk of the Season 2 storytelling will take place.

“It is inherently risky when you step out onto any kind of water environment,” marine coordinator Jimmy O’Connell says. “So, we’re going to play that for the inherent risk it offers and incorporate that into our episodes.”

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