According to a new research, many babies from the United States are fed with teas or herbal supplements.

The leaders of this study are researchers from the Food and Drug Administration. This research was released on the journal Pediatrics last Monday. It was also billed to be the first broad test for American infants using such products.

Around 9 percent of the infants studied had already been fed supplements by at least once in their lifetime. White mothers were studied from 2005-2007, thus, authors claim that the actual percent is from between 3 to 10. The total number of mothers questioned is 2,600.

Chamomile tea and gripe water were the most frequently answered products. Many others were claimed to be used due to digestive problems and fussiness. Examination of side effects was not included.

Strict regulation of supplements is not being implemented. Authors claim that there is potential harm and that the used products were probably unsafe.