A new contraceptive pill for boosting female's libido is going through scientific tests across Australia.

The pill which contains a form of oestrogen nearly-similar to the natural hormones produced in the body, has been claimed to be associated with lesser side effects.

The German-produced pill called Qlaira is the first of its kind to contain oestradiol -when metabolised in the body is almost the same as the female sex hormone.

However, Maria Garefalakis, medical director of Family Planning WA said it is still too early to confirm the additional advantages that comes with it.

She said it might be safer and it might carry less side effects in theory. But it's going to take years before any conclusions can be made as the pill has to be taken by a high number of women.

Women in WA are advised not to get thier hopes up that the pill might be the all-purpose miracle answer.

Scientists are still waiting for the findings on the effects of the pill on libido and the 2-year randomized study in Australia is focused on a small selected group of females - a total of five per cent across all age groups who suffered reduced libido while on other kinds of pill.

Made specificially for older women nearing menopause who are prone to experiencing heavy bleeding and pill-associated withdrawal adverse affects such as pelvic pain, headaches and moodiness, Qlaire has been proven to cut down or completely stop bleeding.

Dr Garefalakis said although the pill may not be able to improve libido for all women, but it does not carry negative side effects observed in some individuals while on other pills.

She said, libido studies in anyone, especially the fairer sex are always complex. 

We still have no Viagra for women. We still have to take the complicated approach depending on the individual situation. Relationship problems might need to be addressed and even workload, said Dr Garefalakis.