Fenerbahce football fans rioted in Istanbul after their side lost a local derby to Turkish league side Galatasaray for the Turkish League Championship.

Fans occupied the pitch and clashed with police outside of the stadium following a 0-0 draw that gave Galatasaray 48 points in a four-way playoff, one ahead of Fenerbahce, good enough for the title.

The match was contentious, with multiple bookings and one red card per side.

Fans broke plastic chairs and hurled them, as well as flares, at police and Galatasary players after the match.

The violence spilled outside of the stadium as well, with fans battling police with rocks in the street. Rioters overturned garbage cans and smashed the windows of businesses.

Elsewhere in the capital, Fenerbahce fans flipped police cars over and set them on fire. Also, a 29-year-old man wearing a Galatasary jersey was attacked by Fenerbahce fans and stabbed in the abdomen. The victim is in stable condition at a hospital and despite all of the chaos, no other injuries were reported.

Galatasary fans also celebrated their title all around the city, but those demonstrations were much more peaceful, involving mostly dancing, flag waving, and occasional flare lighting.