The Federation of Hong Kong Indurstries (FHKI) called on Hong Kong shoes sector to exploit domestic market and leave two ways, considering the uncertain European Community's decision for antidumping taxes for shoes made by China and Vietnam.

For the matter whether EU will collect antidumping taxes of 16.5% and 10% respectively for leather shoes made in above two countries, there wasn't a final decision after the vote was over yestoday morning which couldn't agree on the related resolutions.

FHKI Footwear & Leather Group chairman Mr Eddie Lam said it is difficult to predict the result of the vote, as 25 members of EU will make another vote for the matter while British, Portugal and Cyprus's stance were unstable. Though the antidumping survey of EU aimed at parts of private shoes manufacturers in mainland, not Hong-Kong-based enterprises, the antidumping taxes covers all shoes makers.