It's starting to look like travelers should stay away from Chicago-based bus service Megabus. In the latest in a series of crashes, a Megabus in northeast Georgia burt into flames in a fiery crash on Wednesday, but no one was injured this time.

The double-decker bus, traveling from Atlanta to Charlotte, N.C., caught fire around noon near Lavonia, Ga. Lavonia is about 90 miles from Atlanta and just 8 miles from the South Carolina border.

Reportedly, there were around 80 passengers aboard as the bus burst into flames. According to a statement by Megabus, the driver was able to evacuate all of the passengers in time. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Though no one was reported as injured in the accident, the double-decker bus blocked traffic as it crashed, and efforts to remove it from the scene slowed down traffic on I-85 for miles.

The burned wreckage of the bus had to be cut in half horizontally to fit it onto the wrecking trucks that came to clean up the scene.

"It's the only way for the wreckers to remove it," Terri Pope of the Georgia Department of Transportation told the Associated Press.

According to the Associated Press, the highway was reopened later on Wednesday.

This isn't the only high-profile Megabus crash, Last week, a Megabus in southern Illinois crashed into a concrete pillar that holds a bridge above Interstate 55. State police blamed the crash on a flat tire, which caused the driver to lose control, according to the Chicago Tribune. Eighty-one passengers were on the bus, with as many as 25 reported as injured.