Bono is offering fans a taste of celebrity life in exchange for donations toward his fight against AIDS. The U2 singer will give participants a chance to party in Las Vegas with Channing Tatum, enjoy tea time with Julia Roberts or hang out with Neil Patrick Harris if they give at least $10 to his latest AIDS campaign, (RED) SHOPATHAN, which began its second year Tuesday.

Bono, Roberts, Tatum, Harris and few of the singer's other celebrity friends announced their partnership for their latest crusade against AIDS while appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Tuesday night, during which they serenaded audience members with a song and dance routine that included the lyrics, “We've got Ferraris and a weekend home in Carmel, but if we don't help people with AIDS, we're going to hell.”

Bono has been passionate about ending AIDS and poverty over the course of his career.  When Bono first started his initial RED campaign by selling iPods, t-shirts, cologne, watches and other items with the slogan (Product)RED stamped on them back in 2006, the humanitarian generated more than $22 million worth of donations in the first year alone. Since then, Bono's campaign has raised more than $360 million and helped provide HIV testing, prevention and counseling services for more than 70 million people.

With World AIDS day arriving on Dec. 1, Bono is hoping to beef up funding for more AIDS research and treatment by giving contributors an opportunity to spend one-on-one time with a few high-profile celebrities.

“It is a battle now for funding. It’s just a street battle, pitch battle, and we have to keep this stuff in the news or literally those people don’t get the drugs. It’s that simple,” he told The Associated Press. “We have to just remind people that America has led the war on this tiny little virus and is winning the war, but it is unthinkable, but it is possible, that if we stall on funding then we start to undo all this good work.”

Bono is offering fans a few other “experiences” in exchange for their donations, including tickets to see hit Broadway play “Hamilton” with backstage access accompanied by show star Javier Munoz, a chance to hang out with One Direction’s Liam Payne at a music studio and a Snapchat and jet ski date with DJ Khaled.

Donations can be made on until Jan. 18, 2017.