Around 200-300 juveniles were involved in several fights in the lobby of a movie theater in Valley View Cinemark, Ohio, on Friday evening, causing police officials to rush to the spot to control the situation. The incident started during a screening of “The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death,” media reports said.

The theater stopped the screening after the disturbance began and asked the miscreants to leave the premises. Some youngsters reportedly tried climbing over food counters, following which the theater locked them out of the premises, and continued the other ongoing shows. However, the management stopped the rest of the shows that were scheduled for the night.

Once the youngsters were out of the theater premises, several fights broke out in the parking lot and near Oak Barrel and Quaker Steak & Lube restaurants close to the theater, Fox 8 Cleveland reported, citing Valley View Police Chief Matthew March. Some of the youngsters even tried entering the restaurants, he said.

March added that the "fights were very widespread (with) a lot of pushing, shoving, screaming and shouting.”

Officers warned the people inside the restaurants to stay indoors for some time, while some outlets were even told to lock doors to prevent the youngsters from entering the premises, Newsnet 5 Cleveland, an ABC News affiliate reported

However, no arrests were made after the incident and the theater remained open.