Square Enix has announced at E3 2015 that Final Fantasy VII, the critically-acclaimed 1997 PlayStation RPG, will be coming to iPhone and iPad before the end of this summer.

The iOS version of Final Fantasy VII will be based on the PC version. Although it is unknown how much space the game will require, the Windows edition of Final Fantasy VII weighs in at around 3GB. Before 16GB device owners panic, it's worth remembering that iOS 9 allows for a process called "app slicing," which means devices will only download the assets they need. This will allow Square Enix to cut down the size of the game for users in a way it wasn't able to before.

Final Fantasy VII was a critical and commercial success upon release, selling over two million copies in the first three days of its release in Japan and was named "Reader's Choice Game of the Century" by IGN. A high-definition remake is planned for release on PlayStation 4. The company has previously ported games over to iOS, with Final Fantasy I to VI already available alongside multiple spin-offs.  Pricing for the iOS version of VII is unannounced, but Final Fantasy VI currently retails on the App Store for $15.99.