Happy Friday, “Destiny” fans! It’s the end of the work week again, and Xur, Agent of the Nine, is back! The merchant is in the Tower again, and he’s got some exotic weapons and armor if you’ve got the Strange Coins!

xur4 Xur's location Photo: Courtesy/FindXur.com

Xur appears in the early hours of every Friday morning, and he'll be available until Sunday. This week, he’s got the Helm of Saint-14, Young Ahamkara’s Spine, Skull Dire Ahamkara, Ice Breaker, Exotic Shard and Exotic Engram.

Players can upgrade the following armor -- Mask of the Third Man, Helm of Inmost Light, Achyophage Symbiote, An Insourmountable Skullfort, Sunbreakers and Light Beyond Nemesis.

Weapons upgrades include Suros Regime, Bad Juju MIDA Multi-Tool, Plan C, Thunderlord and Gjallarhorn.

Buying anything from Xur this week? Leave a comment below.