A.J. Clemente, the North Dakota anchorman fired for dropping an on-air F-bomb his first night on the job, may be moving on to better things incredibly quickly. The fired anchorman made an appearance on “The Late Show With David Letterman” on Wednesday night, joking about his on-screen mishap and firing. 

So what did Clemente do right after he made his fatal on-air mistake?

"I went home, crawled in bed and called my parents," Clemente told David Letterman. "But the next day, you gotta pick yourself up, you gotta laugh at yourself and keep going."

Last week, Clemente unwittingly became an Internet icon after he made some choice remarks as his very first words on air at Bismark’s KFYR station. Just before Clemente was about to make his small-screen debut, he uttered the words “F**king s**t” to no one in particular, unaware he was already being broadcast live. The station quickly terminated Clemente, though he soon became famous after the incident made it online. 

Near the end of his interview, Letterman asked Clemente if he would ever consider returning to his old job in Bismark. Clemente says he’ll consider it, but only if something more high-profile doesn’t come calling due to his increased fame. 

"I've thought about it, but if ESPN comes knocking...," Clemente said to Letterman.

“Look, I’m trying to get you the job back in Bismarck, forget about ESPN," Letterman said, cutting Clemente off. "That ain’t gonna happen. You’re going back to Bismarck.”

Watch Clemente’s interview with Letterman below.