Fans of the Mozilla Firefox browser, who happen to own an Android phone can rejoice as the browser is now available on the OS.

Mozilla announced the Firefox app for Android is available; a mere week after the release candidate version was put out. Firefox mobile is offered in 10 different languages, the company says.

Firefox for mobile allows users to take the Firefox experience they love everywhere and minimizes typing with features like tabbed browsing, bookmarks, add-ons and Firefox Sync. With a sleek new look that hides browser controls when not in use, Firefox allows users to focus on the websites they visit, the company said in its blog.

The Firefox Sync feature means users will have access to their browsing history, bookmarks, open tabs, form data and passwords across computers and mobile devices. It also comes with add-ons, a popular technology for the desktop version of the browser. The mobile app is also cut from the same cloth as the desktop version with CSS, Canvas, SVG and HTML5 technology enabled.

In addition, Mozilla says the Firefox browser maintains some of the security features it has on the desktop. This includes user preferences for cookies and passwords, instant website ID and password protection. The data is also encrypted via a 26-character key.

The new browser is also available on Maemo devices.