Despite being the first daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama proved that they are still regular teenagers during the Presidential Inauguration Parade that took place on Monday.

While sitting next to their parents -- President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama -- the girls ages 11 and 14, respectively, played with their Apple devices at several points throughout the parade.

At one point, Malia even “photobombed” her sister as Sasha attempted to take a photo of the president and first lady kissing. The older sister jumped into her younger sister’s shot as she aimed to take the picture.

According to the Daily Mail, it took Sasha four takes to finally snap a photo of her parents locking lips.

Malia was also seen taking several photos of the parade and also staged a photo with her sister; she held up a peace sign while Sasha displayed a gangster-type grimace.

Malia also took a photo of Michelle giving a thumps up, as the president fiddled with his mobile device, a Blackberry to which he is reportedly addicted.

According to the Mail, Malia toted an iPhone, while Sasha toyed with an iPod touch, as the first lady has stated that her youngest daughter is not yet old enough to have a cellphone.

The Obamas admit that despite having recently given Malia a phone, they are still uncomfortable with the idea that boys could be calling her at all hours.

The Mail noted, however, that the girls are still fairly young. Sasha is the youngest child to live in the White House since the Jimmy Carter administration.