Spring is a time to melt away the snow and make room for warmer and sunnier days filled with flowers -- except that it’s supposed to snow the first day of spring. Some states in in the northeast, namely New York and Massachusetts, will be greeted with an arctic blast, the National Weather Service reported. There’s a 90 percent chance the white stuff will fall.

So how much snow will accumulate? The NWS predicts 3 to 5 inches on Long Island and 1 to 2 inches in New York City. Boston has a slightly better possibility of avoiding snow, with a 50 percent chance. If it does fall there, it won’t be more than an inch. It’s a break many in Boston will appreciate, considering accumulations there broke snowfall records this winter. Other states that will be affected by the chilly precipitation are Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Delaware and New Jersey, the New York Daily News wrote.

Don’t be surprised it if starts to rain at one point. First it will rain Friday morning, then it will snow and then it will rain again, the Washington Post wrote. The winter weather advisory will subside Friday at 2 p.m. EDT.

April might be known for its showers, but March is known for its unpredictability. The month is living up to its reputation by dumping snow at the start of the vernal equinox.

The rest of the weekend is supposed to be chilly. Saturday will have a high of 45 and Sunday will have a high of 39. Twitter users in the greater New York area weren't thrilled about the weather prediction. Some flocked to the social media site to share their dismay. Check out a few of the comments posted below:

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