Annie Jacobsen’s new book, AREA 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base, for the first time, has revealed the history of one of American army's well-kept secret. The book has interviews with scientists, engineers and pilots who have exposed what really happened in the Nevada desert.

Jacobsen, who is a contributing editor and investigative reporter at the Los Angeles Times Magazine, has talked about Area 51 which has dealt with testing nuclear reactions to constructing supersonic aircrafts.

The author interviewed the former Area 51 workers in 2008 and 2009, just after the CIA declassified more than half of the works which were conducted there. The area is still a US military secret and has an unmentioned name, Jacobsen noted.

The book talks about some of the wild researches carried on in the area in the 1970s. Area 51 is the same site where the US built the U-2 spy plane and rumored to have harbored crashed UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects).

The book, for the first time, has also discussed about the Aquiline drone program, an unmanned flight vehicle capable of carrying explosive payloads which includes nuclear devices. The drone was supposed to be launched from a submarine and remote controlled by three trained pilots.

One robotic drone was also planned to be disguised as an elephant and be sent to Vietnam War.

Jacobsen’s previous two-part series The Road to Area 51 in the Los Angeles Times Magazine broke online readership records and stayed on to be the most popular story for ten consecutive days.