The widespread London riots have claimed its first fatality, as police announced a 26-year-man who was shot on Monday has died in a south London hospital.

The victim, whose name has not been released, was reportedly shot while he sat in a car in Croydon, a suburb outside of London.  The man was discovered in his vehicle at around 9:15 pm as unrest spread across the suburb, according to police, who said he passed away after being admitted to a nearby hospital.

A murder hunt was launched shortly after police reported the victim's death.  Two other people who are believed to be in their late 20's were arrested at the scene for handling stolen goods and were taken to a south London police station.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister David Cameron vowed to unleash the "full force" of the law on those participating in the violent riots. Cameron promised that 16,000 police officers will roam the streets of London tonight to suppress any disorderly conduct.