The nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers has proved that accusations against the Islamic republic regarding the peacefulness of its nuclear program are wrong, according to the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Rouhani said that the agreement had been very difficult to reach, but it turned out to be “the right path.” He said that he was happy that important steps on the issue had been taken.

Rouhani spoke to CBS’ Steve Kroft, who asked him if he was surprised by “the ferocity of the debate in the United States” regarding the deal. “One is surprised by the commentaries and the commentaries are not very pleasant,” CBS quoted Rouhani as saying. “Some groups and political parties may be against it, but the governments of the world, all together, welcomed this deal.”

Rouhani, however, said that the debate was predictable as an issue of such significance could not be solved without its opponents.

He said Iran and the United States, “two longtime enemies,” had taken the first step towards trust. However, “for reaching trust between the U.S. and Iran, there is need for a lot of time,” he added.

The Iranian president earlier had told Dutch Minister for Foreign Affairs Albert Koenders that most of the problems in the Middle East had been imposed by outsiders. He added that collective cooperation was required to settle those problems.

Rouhani also said that Iran and Amsterdam had got potentials to develop political, cultural and economic relations. Tasnim News Agency reported that the Netherlands could play a critical role in Iran-EU ties in the post-sanctions era as it would assume the Union’s rotating presidency in 2016.

Koenders said his country was keen to boost ties with the Middle Eastern country in fields like energy. He also added that Tehran can have better cooperation and interactions with the Netherlands in various fields.