A simple act of dangling an arm over water has led to an incredible video that has spread throughout the Internet. Although little is known of the incident, the video clearly shows a fish grab a man’s arm as he dangles it off a pier.

An onlooker captures the moment, hoping that the man does indeed hook a fish. Within seconds of the man putting his hand over the water, a fish leaps up to grab his arm. The woman videotaping is alternating between cheering on the man and screaming in disbelief. The fish is rather large and the man luckily has two other people holding on to his legs as he struggles to pull the fish onto the pier.

The man successfully gets the fish out of the water and as he proceeds to carry the large fish, it almost slips out of his grasp, and although two other individuals try to help, the fish ultimately gets away.

Not surprisingly, the video has become a viral sensation on the Internet. Reposts of the video of have appeared on YouTube, but there is still little detail to report about the events as well as the participants. The only evidence of the individual’s identity is that the video was supposedly shot in Florida. It’s not even clear if the fisherman wanted to catch the fish or just wanted to tempt fate.

You can watch the video below and experience the highs and lows of the as-yet-unidentified fisherman/daredevil. What looks like a sure victory, after a daring feat, is quickly dashed as the fish proves quite slippery indeed, escaping back to the ocean and the waters it calls home on the other side of the pier.