British pop music artist FKA twigs has released the song “Figure 8” via Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show on Apple Music. The track will appear on her coming LP “Melissa,” and is a reflection of her state of mind.

Twigs, whose real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnet, told Lowe she already performed the song during one of her concerts in March. She wrote it at a time when she was feeling “quite sad and a bit lost” after her previous LP was released. The singer-actress then had to immerse herself in the mad schedule of touring and fame.

““Figure 8” represents eternity,” twigs told Lowe, according to Billboard. The multi-talented singer said she was also inspired to write “Figure 8” when she realized that most of her vogue dance moves learned in New York represent the figure eight. "Every hand movement that you do in voguing is a figure of 8, and that is eternity. Every single move has to flow into the other like the eternal move that never stops moving,” explained the singer.

“Let me live,” she croons in the track while gyrating and dancing to the electronic pop beats. Twigs has also experimented by adding a rap interlude in the middle of the song. The singer also stuns by letting out a deep throaty growl as the song concludes.

Paley Martin from Billboard praised “Figure 8” as an otherworldly track from the artist. “'Figure 8' is evocative, enmeshing trembling vocals that melt into muffled cries and get lost in long, seductive breaths,” Martin writes. Though twigs is yet to release the song officially, check out a video of her performing the track on tour.