Robert Pattinson's girlfriend FKA twigs collaborated with well known American producer Boots on her extended play album titled, “Melissa,” coming out next month. Boots, whose real name is Jordan Asher, earlier worked with Beyonce on her latest, self-titled album.

When twigs' met him first, she was initially “wary” of talking to him because of his Beyonce connection. But things got better soon and the two grew fond of each other, Boots told DIY magazine.

“I was a huge fan of her second EP; it felt really singular, visually, sonically,” Boots told the magazine. He also praised twigs' passion for her work. “She got off the plane and came right to the studio, and I said to her, ‘Go rest if you want. We don’t have to do this now,’ and she said, ‘No, let’s go.’ ”

“Melissa” is based on various sounds [rather than the usual beats] that Boots and twigs sampled during their collaboration. During her previous interview with Complex magazine, twigs mentions recording the sounds of  the “click of a hotel key card and water dripping from a toilet” for her album. Boots confirmed using the toilet sounds.

“I was in the bathroom. ... I listened to the toilet, and I could hear it was kind of like [makes gurgling sound] doing all this musical stuff. I took out my iPhone, started recording it, and kind of spread that sound out across a keyboard -- you can play it like drops of rain. It’s cool,” Boots told the magazine.

He also compares twigs's voice to that of Beyonce, Bob Dylan and even The Beatles. “FKA twigs has one of those singular voices,” Boots said. Twigs's new album will feature songs where her voice will be heard in a high pitch. Some of the confirmed tracks on the new album are, “Glass & Patron,” “Figure 8,” “I’m Your Doll,” “In Time” and “Mothercreep.”