“The Flash” movie may or may not not be getting too much help from the Justice League. Director Rick Famuyiwa went on Twitter to comment on reports that Cyborg would appear in the DC Comics movie adaptation, but it still isn’t totally clear if he is in the film. 

The rumor started gaining attention after Variety reported that Victor Stone (Ray Fisher) would appear alongside Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) in “The Flash.” They didn’t state how substantial his role would be, but Famuyiwa’s tweet has audiences questioning if Cyborg will even make an appearance in “The Flash.”

Questioning where the information came from seemingly implies that it’s false. However, the director tweeted an hour later to let audiences know he was referencing a Donald Trump adviser’s recent interview.

Famuyiwa tweeted a winking emoji along with a clip of a Trump adviser being told that the Republican candidate is down in the polls. The adviser, Michael Cohen, is told that Trump is down in the polls and repeatedly asks, “Says who?” He seemingly doesn’t hear the CNN anchor, Brianna Keilar, the first time she answers his question and he asks again.

Now “The Flash” fans are left wondering if Famuyiwa’s joke actually means that Cyborg will indeed be in the 2018 film. He didn’t outright confirm or deny the report.

The idea that Cyborg could appear in “The Flash,” which is set to start filming in London next year, isn’t too surprising. After the Justice League cameos in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and the Flash and Batman’s (Ben Affleck) appearances in “Suicide Squad,” it’s pretty clear that DC is trying to make their movie universe as connected as possible.

Fans don’t have to wait until “The Flash” to see Barry and Victor meet. Both characters are Batman’s new recruits in “Justice League,” which will hit the big screen in 2017.

“The Flash” is expected to run into theaters on March 16, 2018.