It's been a month since fans got to see “The Flash” in action, but the CW series returned Tuesday with a bang. It was a busy episode for Barry (Grant Gustin) and Co. as an old foe returned – kind of – and a new one revealed himself.

Here are four things we learned from episode 15, “Out of Time”:

1. The Weather Wizard Returns

Remember Clyde Mardon (Chad Rook) from all the way back in the "Flash” pilot? Well it turned out his brother, Mark Mardon (Liam McIntyre), was in the same plane crash with Clyde when the particle accelerator exploded -- and both were affected the same way. So, there was another Weather Wizard – as named by Cisco (Carlos Valdes) – to catch.

After Mark murdered a coroner (Fred Henderson) to figure out which Central City cop had shot and killed Clyde, he was on the hunt for Joe (Jesse Martin). Barry was able to bail Joe out when Mark attacked the cop’s car, but he could not keep him away. The Weather Wizard returned again, attacking the police station and possibly paralyzing Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui) before escaping again.

Later, Mark successfully kidnapped Joe, badly injuring him, and took him to a remote dock in the harbor. While Eddie and the police searched the city for him, Iris got a call from Mark telling her where to find him, but not to call the police. She took off with Barry to save her father.

2. Double Trouble

Meanwhile, some relationship problems surfaced in the episode as well. After Barry and Linda (Malese Jow) ran into Iris (Candice Patton) and Eddie (Rick Cosnett) at a bowling alley, the two respective dates became an uncomfortable double date. Afterward, both Linda and Eddie felt uneasy about how close Barry and Iris had become.

3. Not So Wells

After Iris confronted Barry about Mason’s (Roger Howarth) theory that Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) was responsible for Simon Stagg’s death, everyone at Star Labs started worrying about their scientist leader. Cisco had Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) distract Wells so he could do some snooping. He discovered that Wells had prerecorded a hologram message of Reverse Flash – that he used in the midseason finale – to pretend that Wells and Reverse Flash were two different people. Unfortunately, Wells got suspicious and ditched Caitlin – revealing he was not handicapped – and came to confront Cisco. After telling Cisco he had become like a son to him, Wells killed the young scientist.

4. Time Travel

Toward the end of the episode Barry and Iris arrived at the harbor to find Mark forming a violent storm over the area where he was holding Joe. Knowing he needed to act fast, Barry finally revealed to Iris that he was the Flash, but not before the lifelong friends confessed their love and kissed!

It was an episode full of jaw-dropping moments, but the biggest was yet to come. Running as fast as he could to save Joe, Barry suddenly was no longer at the harbor, but in the middle of the city – and at night. Barry had traveled back in time!

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