The Flash” premiered on the CW Tuesday night, and fans got to see Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) turn into the DC superhero. The premiere of the “Arrow” spinoff centered on the first few days of the new hero’s life after an accident gives him special powers. By the end of the episode, Barry has decided to become the Flash, but the synopsis for episode 2, “The Fastest Man Alive,” shows that becoming a superhero is not so easy.

According to the synopsis, Barry dons the Flash getup to take out six gunmen who storm a university event honoring a famed scientist. But still getting used to his new powers, he's not quite able to be the hero he aspires to be yet. He will have a learning curve to get over. Meanwhile, Isis (Candice Patton) starts to wonder what is behind the “red streak.” Barry promised Detective West (Jesse Martin) that he would not tell his daughter anything about his powers, but will she find out on her own?

Plus, the promo for the new episode reveals the new villain for the next episode. The cloning baddie shown in the trailer can be none other than Danton Black, otherwise known as Multiplex. Michael Christopher Smith will play the role in a guest appearance.

Watch the promo for the new episode here:

How will Barry adjust to his new gifts to take down Multiplex in the new episode? Plus, can he manage to keep his secret from Isis? Tune in to the next episode to find out. “The Flash” airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. EDT on the CW.

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