The WB Preview Panel at New York Comic Con surprised fans with a screening of “The Flash” episode 2. As previously reported, the episode will feature Barry (Grant Gustin) learning how to handle his powers and trying to take out Multiplex (Michael Christopher Smith), a villain who can clone himself. However, at NYCC we learned that not everyone wants Barry to be a hero.


Barry starts fighting crime as the Flash. He’ll pull people out of fires or save them from muggers, and Joe (Jesse L. Martin) will quickly realize that the “red flash” people are describing is Barry. Barry’s job isn’t to fight crime and take over for the police. Joe worries that he thinks he is invincible when he’s just fast. Barry will definitely learn that he isn't invincible. The Flash will be outnumbered by Multiplex and take a serious beating.

As Barry’s confidence takes a dip, so will his energy. STAR Labs are still figuring out how the new superhero’s body works. Barry is going to experience some serious dizzy and fainting spells at the worst time, and it could put his life in danger.

Joe doesn’t want the Flash fighting crime because he is concerned for Barry’s life, but he might come around if something big enough can convince him that this is Barry’s destiny. Meanwhile, Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) has his own concerns, but his concerns might not be quite as well meaning as Joe’s. There is a jaw dropping moment at the end of the episode that will leave fans questioning if Wells is evil.

“The Flash” Season 1 episode 2 airs Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 9 p.m. EDT on The CW. Do you think Dr. Wells is evil? Sound off in the comments section below!