iPhone users know well how useful the Flickr Web site has been over the years, but while the site hasn't changed much, a new redesign will add features like the Uploadr and Justified View. Uploadr allows batch loading of photos from a computer just by dragging and dropping onto the Filckr page. The new design and other features are part a new look for Flickr, and the result will be a bit like the Google+ photo page layout. Flickr will finally redesign its Web site starting Feb. 28, just as new apps and Web sites have been attracting huge numbers of mobile phone shutterbugs.

Uploader won't launch until the end of March, but there are several other changes coming starting Feb. 28. The Justified View is one that will be very noticeable because instead of images being spaced out, they are much closer together like on Pinterest or Google+. Additionally, when scrolling through the images, the page won't reload, and the images will simply pass by continuously. Justified will roll out first to your contacts, and because the images will be larger, you'll have to hover over them to see the text that used to be in the white space below.

For Uploadr, another cool feature is the images will preview thumbnails right when they get dropped on the site. That means they can be tagged while they load. Furthermore, images can be grouped into albums while they load by selecting groups of photos. One thing still lacking is native photo editing and effects. That is done now with Picknik, owned by Google. Because Uploadr is debuting in late March, there may be other features and changes coming in the near future. Markus Spiering, Flickr head of product hinted at more changes in an interview for tech blog Mashable, Feb. 22. Tell us in the comments if you're an avid Flickr user and if you think the changes are long overdue.