They ran, they ran so far away. But will they get away?

That’s the question members of the 1980s rock band A Flock of Seagulls, known for the hit “I Ran (So Far Away),” is asking after they had $70,000 worth of equipment stolen from their van. Robbers took off with their vehicle hours before the band was about to perform at a free outdoor concert on Sunday in Southern California, the Associated Press reports.

Sound files for an upcoming solo album, stage clothing, guitars, drums and a keyboard were taken from the band’s van parked outside their Comfort Inn hotel in Downey, Calif. Hotel surveillance cameras recorded the robbery that took place at around 2 a.m.

"Somebody just broke into it, stole our whole van with all our equipment, clothing, band gear, cellphones, everything you need when you're on the road -- all your good stuff, all your good clothes, a bunch of expensive band equipment," frontman Mike Score told the Daily News. "A lot of stuff that's really irreplaceable."

Band members believe they were followed after a show they performed the night before. They parked their 15-passenger Ford E-350 van near the reception area of the hotel. When they woke up the following morning, the vehicle was gone. After making sure it wasn’t towed, they called police.

“It’s scary how quick it is. We’re talking about 30 seconds to actually get in and drive off,” guitarist Joe Rodriguez told CBS Los Angeles. His hand-built guitar was among the stolen items.

A Downey Police Department records employee, Jessica Henson, confirmed there was a report of a stolen vehicle at the hotel’s address but would not release its contents to the Daily News. Hotel employee, Jonathan Montoya, said he hasn’t seen car theft on the property in the two years he has worked as the hotel’s front office manager.

“We are a very small property, have one entrance and exit. As far as I know, the last vehicle that was stolen (from the hotel) was many years ago, probably five or six years ago. It's very unexpected," he said.

Video footage from the robbery was posted to YouTube. The minute-long clip shows a man entering the driver side of the white van, turning on the vehicle and driving off. A black car follows the van out of the parking lot.

For Score, one of the biggest losses is the work from his upcoming solo album.

“We were pretty close to the end,” he said. “It's 18 months of work just basically thrown into the trash because some people don't have a real life and have to steal from others.”

The band used rented equipment for their show on Sunday and is sticking to their tour schedule and flying to London on Tuesday. “If those guys who stole our van are out there, give us our stuff back and let us go on and be a band,” Score told CBS Los Angeles