The flu vaccine program handl

ed by the state is now under review by the West Australian government.

The West Australian state was the first to halt the flu vaccination program for children under five following hospital admissions of hundreds of children experiencing fits, fever and vomiting after being inoculated.

The next day, the flu vaccination program was suspended across the country after reports of similar cases in other states and territories.

According to WA health minister, Kim Hames, the review will work by suggesting ways the health department can improve the reporting systems to detect public health risks sooner.

What the enquiry looks at is the response time of the West Australian health department, said Mr Hames.

Did we do a good job or not? Did we do everything we could have?

Health consumers, during the weekend, had requested for answers from health experts to restore their trust in the seasonal flu vaccination.

The tested flu vaccines, according to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, had nothing abnormal about them.

Parents are discouraged to continue with the vaccination of their children, due to lack of information, said Maxine Drake from the WA Health Consumers Council.