Foot Locker has launched, a sneaker-lover's dream: a site whose sole purpose is to provide information on sneakers. Though the site does not sell sneakers, it provides detailed information on them.

We've all seen people wearing a shoe that we loved, and it's always a bit awkward to say outright to a friend 'I love your shoes. What brand are they?' In other words, 'Tell me where you bought those because I am going to go get myself a pair.'

Now, Foot Locker is sparing us this awkward moment.

The website's search engine looks for the brand, type, material, color, and even keywords and dates to help you find that illusive pair that got away.

For example, under the browse section of the site, if you input, shoe: Nike; type: basketball; material: leather; color: white; year: from 1989 to 1991 it will provide you with six shoes to choose from, including the 1991 Air Jordan VII OG. You can then click whether you've 'owned it,' or if you 'loved it.'

If you truly feel moved by this particular shoe, you can comment on it or share a personal account of you and your beloved shoe.

If you can't find the shoe you're searching for, go to the 'Missing' page and enter it in. The shoe will show up on that page until it has been found, in a virtual sense.

The only drawback is the website does not provide links to where the shoes are sold. Perhaps, this can be added in the future.