DirectTV (NASDAQ:DTV) released a new music video on Tuesday featuring Eli Manning, the NFL quarterback for the New York Giants, and Peyton Manning, the NFL quarterback for the Denver Broncos, rapping to a slow jam titled “Football On Your Phone.”

The video opens to Eli sporting a curly wig and Peyton donning a mullet in a hair salon. Peyton asks Eli what he’s watching only for Eli to explain that he can watch football from his phone and other devices using DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket Max service. After Peyton responds with cheesy excitement, the song begins with girls singing the chorus repeatedly: “It’s football on your phone.”

Eli and Peyton then break into a slow rap in another scene walking through an area resembling the French Quarter of New Orleans.

"Your phone ain't for calling. Your phone is for footballing!"

The Manning brothers drop ridiculous lines throughout the entire video, including, “It’s like I spilled milk all over your blouse by accident -- or on purpose. It’s like milk is like football and the blouse is the phone.”

"What do you get when a football gets down with your phone?"

Archie Manning, father of the Manning brothers and former NFL quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, Houston Oilers and Minnesota Vikings, also makes an appearance in full regalia on a throne -- all while watching football on his phone.

While standing in front of a painting of Alexander Graham Bell, Peyton asks, “What do you think Alexander Graham Bell would say if he saw you watching football on your phone?”

Eli then busts through the painting, “Who cares? Dude’s dead.”

Watch the hilarious video here. It’s sure to have the phrase “it’s football on your phone” stuck in your head all day.