Hope Solo, goalie for the U.S. Women's soccer team, is one of the biggest stars of the 2012 Olympics in London. And a fan showed his love in hilarious fashion at the United States' gold-medal-winning match Thursday against the Japanese women's team by flashing a sign that said "Forget Han, Make Me Mr. Solo."

The sign, a reference to Harrison Ford's character Han Solo in the classic "Star Wars" films, was greeted with laughs and support on blogs, Facebook and Twitter, as users bigged up the man who didn't feel a need to hide his affection for the beautiful footballer.

The well-dressed, smiling man who had the wit to come up with the classic line and scrawl it in black marker on a bright green piece of tagboard has yet to be identified, but his handiwork went viral online after Hope Solo and the U.S. Women's soccer team (football for all the non-Americans out there) beat Japan's team 2-1 to earn Olympic gold.

Solo was a big part of the game on Thursday, helping her team fend off the team from the Land of the Rising Sun with a series of majestic stops that allowed the American team to seize the big win.

Riley Schmitt at RantSports.com weighed in after the match's conclusion with his opinions on the goalkeeper's performance and the sign that will always be remembered for commemorating this great Olympian, which he said may be one of the all-time best fan signs in the history of sport:

"Hope Solo saved the USWNT in their gold medal victory over Japan at the 2012 Summer Olympics," Schmitt wrote on Thursday. "The goalie made some incredible saves, including one late in the match that preserved the victory for the team.  Solo played great but the best moment was the sign that one of her fans brought into the game. 'Forget Han! Make Me Mr. Solo' might be one of the best signs in the history of sign making."

The term "Mr. Solo" also became a trending topic nationally in the United States, where people were lauding the sign and its creator for the creative way of commemorating the popular player.

Twitter user @SamFreeman_ really loved the poster, tweeting the following from his Apple iPhone on Thursday: "'Forget Han, make me Mr Solo' is the best poster I have seen this Olympics #HopeSolo #USA"

And @maddiegrant also liked the sign, tweeting the following on Thursday: "'forget Han, make me Mr Solo' - cutest sign ever. @hopesolo I say got [sic] for it he was adorbs! #uswnt #usavjpn"