Alison Sweeney has taken legal action over a company offering diet supplements that reportedly used her name and photos to market their product. The said company also reportedly used a fictitious article that was said to have come from the actress to endorse the diet pills.

The former “Biggest Loser” host took to Facebook on Tuesday, March 8, to post a video warning the public of a “bogus Internet scam” that claimed that she was taking their dietary supplement pills, Page Six reported. Sweeney stated that the company was “lying to sell their products.” She even described them as “trolls on the Internet” and that she was “fighting back” against the fake product endorsement.

In the video, the “Days of Our Lives” alum told fans that she would “never endorse or support a product that doesn’t believe in living a healthy lifestyle.” She added that the company has posted a fake Instagram post and article that claimed it was made by her. Sweeney stated that the article included things that she have never and would never say.

She went on to explain that all of the projects that she participated in during her career were things that she not only supported but also believed in. Sweeney even shared her belief that eating right and working out were the best ways to live healthy.

Meanwhile, Sweeney also told Entertainment Tonight that she has sent a cease and desist letter to the said company. The actress also mentioned that the legal team she hired is already investigating the matter.

She also shared one the key learnings she gained from her previous hosting job for a reality weight loss show. “One of the best things I learned at The Biggest Loser is how important health is and how important it is to eat right and work out. There are no short cuts,” she stated.