Omarion and longtime love Apryl Jones just welcomed a baby girl! The couple announced the news Monday on their social media pages.

The “Post To Be” singer and Apryl have not yet released photos of the newborn or revealed her name, but Omarion posted several Snapchat videos telling fans just how excited he is to be a father again. Apryl and Omarion, formerly part of the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” cast, are also parents to 2-year-old son Megaa.

“You know why I’m in such a good mood,” Omarion said in one video. “It’s because I had my daughter this morning.”

In another Snapchat video he said, “So I want y’all to do me a favor, if y’all on Twitter, wherever y’all watching, make sure you at Apryl Jones because that woman is just amazing. Our second home birth … and I mean just watching her was like… You gotta respect your queen.”

The 31-year-old singer said in a fourth video that the couple's baby girl was born in a caul, where the amniotic sac is still covering the baby and has to be removed by a doctor or midwife.

“She came into the world that way and I was right there, right there,” he said, smiling. “I mean it was just a lit experience, it was lit. I just want to share that with y’all. I’m just super happy. I’m like a dad for a second time. It’s lit.”

Apryl’s first home birth, with Megaa, was documented for “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” but as previously reported, the pair announced in December that they weren’t coming back for the VH1 show’s third season.